Raghda Assaad

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker (Lebanon Office)

Raghda Assaad is a distinguished figure in the world of real estate, serving as a beacon of expertise and innovation as a Real Estate Broker, a partner and Director of Operations at Landmark Offices in the Middle and Gulf division. With a career spanning several dynamic decades, Raghda has consistently demonstrated her unrivaled proficiency in both residential and commercial real estate. Her journey, deeply rooted in the heart of Beirut at Landmark Real Estate Agency, has been marked by a passion for real estate that goes beyond transactions—it’s about making dreams come true.

Raghda’s commitment to her craft extends beyond geographical boundaries. She has cultivated a unique specialization in real estate investment within the Middle East and Gulf countries, leveraging her extensive knowledge and insights to navigate these diverse markets. Her ability to identify strategic opportunities and tailor solutions to client needs is truly unparalleled.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, she dedicates herself to the advancement of the real estate industry. She proudly serves as a board member of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon, contributing her wisdom and vision to shape the industry’s future.

In a world where real estate is not just bricks and mortar but a canvas for realizing aspirations, Raghda Assaad stands as an exemplar. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to client success have earned her a place among the most respected and trusted professionals in the field. Whether you’re seeking a dream property, strategic investment advice, or a partner to transform your real estate ambitions into reality, Raghda Assaad is your trusted guide in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

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